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# Bar Europa (Europe Bar)

Everything's so beautiful and nice here - In this home we just moved into - And some want nothing but out of here - And some would rather come in - So I pour myself another one - In this cosmopolite bar - The world becomes to small - I feel international

Bernadette La Hengst
("Bar Europa" auf "Der Beste Augenblick in deinem Leben", München, Trikont, 2000.)

# Marie in Japan

...And Europe? Oh, that is difficult. (...) Europe as a market, you know more about that than me. But Europe as a culture exists and does not exist. It is more like a family - you belong to it. Where does family end? There are always some aunts and third degree cousins: are the people beyond the Caucasus still Europeans? Or sharing an inheritance. In 25 centuries not a single border in Europe remained unchanged (...) you cannot imagine the cultural changes. It is a monster. 30 different languages, not counting linguistic minorities, all kinds of religions, deriving from 3 different apparentness, all the conflicts of living together, of neighbourhood in religion and language. Without speaking of ethnicities that do not share the same language. You cannot beat Europe on the field of multiculturalism. There are only foreigners and the family. The only real companionship is made by revenue, that is capital and development. And even that is not easy. The rich Europe is invaded by the poor of 50 years of Stalinism. An uneven development at the centre of Europe. Descendants from Poland, Turkey, or Hungary placed in rural Germany are under attack of young, necessarily xenophobic unemployed (...) the war continues, not with guns but with money. Culture in this mess? Thank god you stopped listening...

Jean Francois Lyotard
("Marie in Japan" in "Postmoderne Moralitäten", Wien, Passagen, 1993.)

# Towards the governments: human rights. (Tribute from the audience)

We are only civilians having no claim to speak, and speaking together obtains a certain difficulty: enduring what happens. I know well and you have to remember: we cannot influence the reasons why people prefer to leave their countries instead of living in them. It is out of our reach. So who assigned the briefing? No one. And therefore it is our right (...)
You have to decline the prospected responsibility assignment: Individuals are to outrage and speak; governments are to reflect and act. It is true: Good governments love the honest outrage of the governed, as long as it remains poetic in form. I think you have to become aware that very often the governing ones speak and do nothing but speak. Experience shows that you can and must decline the theatrical role of pure and simple outrage they suggest us...
The will of the individuals has to inscribe itself into a reality where governments try to occupy the monopoly you have to tear from them Step by Step again.

Michel Foucault
("Face aux gouvernments, les droits de l`homme", Libération, 967, 30. Juni - 1. Juli 1984, S.22. in "Analytik der Macht", Frankfurt am Main, Suhrkamp, 2005.)

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