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# 20.10., 10.30 am - 7 pm

surviving europe is the topic of the festival. We understand that as questioning living- and surviving-strategies of artists in Europe. What realities confront artists, and how do they determine both private and business everyday life, and their aesthetic work?

In the first part thinking europe we want to draw a picture of current discourse on the living of artists and their role in society by following these questions. In the second part performing europe we want to check and question this at hands of concrete aesthetic works, to finally grasp in a finishing discussion what surviving europe might mean.

Therefore we invited scholars of theory and artists to offer an introspect into their manners of working and thinking.

10.30 am Thomas Atzert (Frankfurt) - "performing precarity"
12.15 am Nanna Heidenreich (Berlin) - "politik (in) der ausstellung"
3.30 pm Isabell Lorey (Berlin) - kleines postfordistisches Drama (Film "Kamera läuft", with english subtitles): "zur prekarisierung von kulturproduzentInnen"
5.45 pm Daniel Blochwitz (New York)- Das Projekt BorderBlog: "performing home" (in english)