diskurs 05 : surviving europe
# October 18-23, 2005

This year, the diskurs - festival for young performing art takes place for the 21st time. Young artists from all over Europe show their prevailing works, discuss aesthetic positions, and debate their approach with the audience.

The invited artists come from Netherlands, Croatia, UK, Lebanon, Poland, Greece, Serbia/ Montenegro, and Germany. Their works range from theatre, dance, performance, and installation in its experimental peculiarity. We now appreciate to finally present you the program of diskurs 05.

diskurs 05's issue is surviving europe.
In a one day symposium, in the context of piece critics, and discussions we altercate on different opinions and interests, as well as on working conditions and methods in an European context; emanating from the question of what it exactly it means to a festival to nimbus itself European.

Additionally we invited some more artists and offer them in the course of ten days to work theoretically and aesthetically on surviving europe, collectively and intensively, as artists in residence. Here, the emphasis lies on disputing auditive media.
Shows, installations, piece critics, symposium, and artists in residence form an ensemble on the fringe of theory and aesthetic work.