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# low profile

I've got my passport just in case I need to make a quick get-away
I've got a fast car and tickets to Brazil just in case it all goes wrong
I've got a map of the world just in case it falls apart

The questions of "europe" or "european-ness" are part of the background of our on-going navigation of daily life, not usually the focus. We often forget about who/where we are until we have to hand over our passport at the airport, or someone asks about our accents. We travel from city to city and locality to locality (rather than from country to country). We find ourselves making lists of words that don't translate and trying to remember who to kiss once, twice or three times when we meet.

We find the question "where are you from?" more and more difficult to answer.
We forget which words we use that make no sense to others.
We have to find ways of explaining ourselves.
We are reminded of our inadequacies to say what we mean and mean what we say.

In terms of "surviving europe", we find ourselves being concerned with details, our "survival" is a survival of our everyday rather than one overly concerned with macro political situations. As island dwellers, we might be more likely to regard ourselves as in some way separate from the 'rest of europe'. We sometimes refer to 'it' as if we are somehow uninvolved, although we know this isn't true.

We come from different countries - we have had to learn each other's references and construct shared ones - we have lived in different countries - we have struggled to find stationery shops - we have remembered that "stationery" is usually called "office supplies" and start to re-translate...