diskurs 04:

# diskurs is forum.

diskurs is a European festival aiming to support young arts with the emphasis on performing arts.
The special interest of the festival lies in the exchange of thoughts and artistic methods. The different aesthetics and contents of the works are being brought into confrontation, which makes it possible for the participants to reflect on their own positions.

diskurs is a forum for presentation, communication and cooperation.
Apart from the performances a special focus is put on the critical discussions, which reflect on the working process. The relevant within an artistic work in the eyes of diskurs is thus not solely the artistic product, but its impulse and the working process.
The unique character of diskurs and its distinction from other festivals lies in a focus on the working process.

diskurs is an interdisciplinary festival with a special interest in performing arts. It is open to different forms of theatre, dance, performance, installation, music, literature, film and video.

diskurs moves on the intersection between practical work and theoretical reflection.