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19.10. and 21.10.
# 12am-12pm
Meeting point Festivalcafé

Starts every 30 minutes

Limited seats, reservations required!

Michael E. Kleine
studies music-theatre director at Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg (University for Music and Theatre) since October 2002. Since then he works as actor and music director in several productions. Since 2003 he concepts and directs own projects like Beisammen (2003), Schwarzer Tanz (2004), 7x[zzzsch...] (2004), Performance - Ju&Mi (2005).

7x[zzzsch...] to me is one of the most successful attempts of matching the relation of music, theatre, scene and spectator. # Hans-Jörg Kapp, Regisseur

7x[zzzsch...] is the encounter of an organ and performing art.

In the beginning, each visitor receives seven matches and by using them they serve as activator and impulse for music and action. Therefore the audience determines the progress and rhythm of the action to a large part.

7x[zzzsch...] is only open to one spectator at once and invites leaving the bulk of the audience to trace independently ones own impressions and sentiments.
7x[zzzsch...] wants to challenge the visitors reception and allows experiencing an art happening actively without being threatening or narrowing.
Darkness, the organs quiet hissing and the silent presence of the performer edge the visitors' senses and place him/her in an uncommon situation.