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19.10. # 9pm
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was founded by Angeliki Papoulia, Christos Passalis and Giorgos Valais in Greece in October 2004. After three years of gathering experience in conventional Greece theatres these three actors decided to form an independent company. blitz considers itself a collective, which lets performer, author, actor, and critic work on the same level. blitz were invited to CHARACTER festival in Greece in June 2005.

Surrounded by the images of the world, they think that they will find their way.

Trailer is a conglomerate of short stories, jokes, fairy tales, and quotes from movies and the bible.

Randomly, the three performers are telling the narrator, hero, or both at once. By means of body, voice, and some props, they are both media and mediator; they remember and evoke remembrance by the use of collective memory.

Trailer is an attempt without an end. What is being told is the upbeat and the prelude of the real story; a tale without an end. The performance juggles with memory, knowledge, fantasy, and power. The end is present but where? And what is to start after the end?
Trailer challenges your curiosity and abjures sensation.