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19.10., 21.10., 22.10.
# 2pm-4pm and 6pm-8pm
# Festivalzentrum

Starts every 30 minutes

Limited seats, reservations required!

Julia Jadkowski
studied "Intercultural Course for Theatre and Education" at Utrecht School of Arts. Apart from that, she did classes on dance and movement, e.g. at the Amsterdam School for New Dance Development (SNDO). Since 2001 she works as performer and dancer as well as choreographer and director.
Among her own projects are peep 'n' come (2002), all I wanna do is watch cartoons with you (2003), physical silence (2004).

Currently her interest focuses on different opportunities for communicating between the action on stage and the audience, and the expectations and conventions that have shaped the realm of theatre in this regard.

How vulnerable can I let myself be? I know I'm safe in the sense that we never have to meet again?

I ask your name - you ask the time is an interactive performance. One spectator encounters one performer; both determine each other's reactions by means of their very own reacting.

Performer and spectator adjourn themselves to a situation of intimacy which is both protected by its theatrical frame but also offers an opportunity of a meeting which does not occur in everyday life. Expectations can be questioned and your attitude of reception can be watched by yourself.

I ask your name - you ask the time refers to the clash of fiction and reality in theatre space and plays with claims, confusions, and expectations.
I ask your name - you ask the time offers a risk without being a risk.