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19.10., 21.10., 22.10. # 2 pm
20.10. # 6 pm
Treffpunkt: TiL

Limited seats, reservations required!

Low Profile
are Rachel Dobbs and Hannah Jones. Both studied fine arts at Exeter School of Art and Design.
Hannah Jones graduated from her MA in fine arts at Rotterdam Piet Zwart Institute and Rachel Dobbs graduated from her PGCE.

Low Profile do performances and live art events since 2003. They focus on small things we encounter in everyday life. Low Profile offer these things a stage to denounce and to question our putative safety and routine.

What have you got 'just in case'? Is there something you are never without? Do you have cupboards full of stuff you can't bear to throw away, 'just in case' any of it might come in handy some day?

Just in Case is a guided city tour.

Just in Case creates a space with place for questions, Hopes, and surprises. What seems obvious and familiar becomes restricted and strange.
Just in Case wants to open your eyes for the places the citizens repeatedly encounter and which are regarded and understood in a certain manner for means of their name, size or sense.

With Low Profile the participants of the guided tour will get to know a different Giessen. Regarding architecture, history, and their sense, certain places and their rules and conventions are being questioned: what have you got just in case?