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22.10. # 11pm

freak out : I survived diskurs
(Did I?)

diskurs 05 celebrates the end. freak out forces unproductive burn out and tries satisfying needs of ultimate rawness. With vehicles like Beat, Soul, and pigpop.

Bataille: Even the most conscious, lavishing and destroying himself recklessly without knowing why. He cannot justify his acting as usefull and does not realise, that human society, like himself, might be interested in this enormous loses and catastrohes which - according to some desires - bring upon passionate excess, crossings, and finally orgiastic conditions.

Madonna: Come on Britney loose control.

The ostracised part: the seeding subject: the ultimate party berserk

Mondscheiner, Wien
Erzählpop (live)
anschließend DJs: Indie, Elektronika, etc.