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21.10. # 6pm
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is a collective of writers and directors made up from Kolja Schmidt, Mike Hiegemann, and Kim Stapelfeldt, who all study at Bochum University.
Diskursjockeys is their first common piece.

They suffer from a striking disgust for the world and reached the borders of the capability of cognition.

Diskursjockeys watch the post-modern society of the beginning 21st century.

Three people try to determine themselves in a room which is controlled by TVs and silver screens. They fight for the attention of the audience against a high tide of projections and visual media, and that audience is constantly about to decide: who or what interests me? Images, bodies, texts?

Diskursjockeys are mouthpieces. They collect their material from parts of talks, utterances of their surrounding, their own comments and reactions and sample a text full of opinions but without a message. A text being both absurd and true.
Diskursjockeys are after finding the best way to act as an individual with fair market value.