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21.10. # 9pm
22.10. # 5pm

Banana Guerilla
is an interdisciplinary collective from Zagreb. It was founded in 2005 by actors, a director and a professor of history and engages in the quest for new opportunities and forms of expression in theatre beyond established institutions and hierarchies. In this context, the work of Banana Guerilla focuses on social and artistic conditions in Zagreb, Croatia, without loosing touch to the historical and cultural European context.

Banana Guerilla are Nikola Badovinac, Lada Bonacci, Irena Curik, Maurizio Flores de la Pena, Oliver Frljic, Jelena Hadzi-Manev, Nina Kaic, Danijela Kapusta, Jelena Lopatic, Zrinka Simicic, Iva Viskovic and Petra Zanki.

Have you seen the latest play? A tower of Babylon! A tangle of vaults, stairs, dungeons and all that blown into the air with such an ease and boldness. You're dizzy with every step. # Georg Büchner, Death of Danto

Death of Danto tells about the shortcomings of language, about the incapability of communicating, about the inability of simply doing the right thing.

Five women in Rococo dresses tell about the difficulty of bringing together morality and virtue on one hand, and freedom and individuality on the other. They dominate and submit each other; they hold together and claim truth for oneself. And when one of them is French, another one cannot be French. In tricolour they are the heroines of a glam world but to the people they are only a bore.

Death of Danto uses Büchner's texts but does not submit itself. Taking the text as fundament and working with it from the very beginning, it negotiates - video clip-like - big themes of the French Revolution. They sing along with AIR and quote Büchner. In that course the piece fascinatingly oscillates between literature and performance.
In Death of Danto, Banana Guerilla try to trace the paradox and impossibility of making your ideals come true.

A production of the Academy of Drama Arts Zagreb.