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Ali Cherri
studied design at American University of Beirut. After his studies he worked as stage designer for various Lebanese artists, e.g. Rabih Mroué and Lina Saneh (Biokhraphia - 2002) and Abla Khoury (10/20 Irrelevant - 2003).

He finished his post-graduate studies Performing Arts at DasArts in Amsterdam in spring 2005. Give me a body then, just like the video Un Cercle Autour Du Soleil, is part of his degree project.

But to penetrate an image is to be penetrated by it simultaneously.

Give me a body then is the quest for fulfilment of the expected.

It is the story of a photographer who finds the dead body of a dog at the beach and shoots it with his camera. Unsatisfied by the pictures, he starts chewing and swallowing them and dies from an infectional disease that very night. But where is the corpse of the photographer. Is it the picture that is cheating or memory?

Give me a body then questions subjective memory and subjective doing. What does not appear on screen does receive a merely peripheral authorisation; however, the image appears informative. But what happens when the image blurs? When the evidence does not accord to memory?
Give me a body then investigates the relation between human bodies and (visual) media and plays with their mutual suggestiveness and share of power.