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18.10. # 6pm
# daily 2pm - 9pm

wants to cleave the possible interiors of a praying person in pictures.
Praying is regarded as an attempt to elude oneself from a chaotic outside world. Deprivation and liberation come along with a certain bias deriving from the constant image flood in the media and the monotony of everyday live. During the original course of time of a Muslim prayer the spectator travels along with the praying person and its possible inner world.

Bedreddin is my best friend. He is a Turkish Curd and a sunnit Muslim.

He told me that he was to have a time of bias in his prayers until he manages to free himself.

Aleksander Stublinovic comes from Serbia/ Montenegro and lives in Berlin. Today he studies screenplay at HFF (university of film), Potsdam. Bedreddin is his first film.