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18.10. # 6pm
# daily 2pm - 9pm

is a documentary of a live performance excluding the public.

Patrycja German reproduces exercises recommended to avoid facial crinkles. A-O-U-X. Muscles enclose, the voice breaks.

My works are sketches, nothing big, no secrets, no teachings. They are unpretentious meditations of the self; notes from a personal, private sphere without a narrative stream.

Patrycja German studied fine arts at Staatliche Akademie der Künste (National arts academy) in Karlsruhe. She graduated as a master student of Ernst Caramelle in 2005.

She was to present video works of the last two years, among them Du und keine andere (No one but you), Frühherbst (early autumn), Warum ich keine Ballerina wurde (Why I did not become a ballerina) at gallery Anita Becker in summer 2005.